UPDATE: Due to air flight cancellations all over Europe, Brian Harry will not be able to make it. However the launch event is still going to be held. Same date, time and agenda applies.



Visual Studio 2010 launch in Bulgaria will be held on 23 April, Friday. Event will be held at Technical University of Sofia, hall 2140.

We are honored to have Microsoft Technical Fellow and Team Foundation Server Product Manager, Mr. Brian Harry, who will be doing keynote about Visual Studio 2010. I am even more honored to do the demo for Brian’s presentation, so wish me good demo luck 🙂

I will be also doing a session about TFS for Everyone at 1pm so it is a great opportunity for all TFS fans.

Emil Stoychev and Branimir Giurov will do sessions on Silverlight 4 and Web and Windows Development in Visual Studio 2010.

Read more about the Official Visual Studio 2010 Launch and register in order to participate in the event for free using the link below:


Who is Brian Harry?

Read more here – http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/exec/techfellow/harry/default.mspx

I am lucky to know Brian Harry from the years of interaction with him in Team System MVP mailing list. I would like to assure you that talking to this man is like drinking from a pure spring of natural, clean and proven software practices. Make sure you meet and talk to him during the event.