Microsoft has just announced the pricing for the Windows Azure services. The big news were announced during the Worldwide Partner Conference 2009. The service will be commercially available at PDC 2009 in the middle of November, 2009.

Why Windows Azure is important and how to use it, you can learn much more about at the upcoming DevReach 2009 on 12-13 October, 2009.

With the pricing model per message, operation and transaction – this is where we will be talking about performance and architecture. The best written application – the less money paid. The free lunch is now really over 🙂

Here is what Microsoft is promising:

For compute, we guarantee that when you deploy two or more role instances in different fault and upgrade domains your Internet facing roles will have external connectivity at least 99.95% of the time.

For storage, we guarantee that at least 99.9% of the time we will successfully process correctly formatted requests that we receive to add, update, read and delete data.

Bulgaria is currently not in the planned launch schedule, but I am sure it will come soon. If not, partners from other countries is always an option.