A little know fact is that you can install a proxy server for your TFS server. This is extremely helpful if you want to boost your remote TFS experience, or your build machine performance. The way the proxy works is that it caches all downloaded files in a cache folder, so your team does not have to download it every single time from the remote TFS server. In other words – TFS proxy does not cache Work Item requests!

There are two caveats though. First one is that the proxy is only a helping the real TFS instance to do its job. That means that you still need to make sure that the client has access to the real TFS instance and can authenticate correctly there. The second issue is licensing :). The license price for an instance of the proxy is comparable with the price of a full blown TFS instance. Another option for the second issue is to use TeamPrise’s Remote Accelerator for only $99. A service based installation is promised to be released this year.

More information about the inner work of the TFS proxy you can find in tsyang’s post “How Team Foundation Server Proxy 2008 works”.