Do you want to try the new branching features in the upcoming VS Team Foundation Server and .NET 4.0? Do you want to see the new WPF based editor in VS 2010? Do you want to try out the new historical debugger?

These features and also many more are available for free trial download from Microsoft.

Please note that these images expire on 1 Jan 2009 so you need to run off the time synchronization in VPC or Hyper-V.

There is also Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 Training Kit.

You will also need the following passwords to login to the VPC:

  • Administrator: TFSSETUP, password: 1Setuptfs (use this account to explore the CTP)
  • Administrator: Administrator,password: P2ssw0rd
  • User: TFSREPORTS, password: 1Reports
  • User: TFSSERVICE, password: 1Service