My good friend Dean Vitner started a great idea that grow up very fast and turned into really valuable one. He wanted to gather some speakers to present in depth and professional sessions without any marketing and basic overview topics. The idea got accepted very well by Microsoft Croatia and they decided to supported. Now for its first time Kulendayz is a multi track conference with speakers from USA, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia which is really amazing. I also like the idea of getting speakers from Balkan region. We are all working more and less on the same kind of project constraints and we have the same kind of project approach and attitude. This makes session content even more relative to all attendees. The conference will be held tomorrow, 20 June, at a very nice town called Osijek so if you are in the area please join us. I will be presenting a session on Crash Dump Analysis in ASP.NET applications.

I think that these kind of topic is what most people what to hear today. There is so much information in the Internet about what is coming and what it can most likely do for us, that people really need to know how exactly these things will work for them. They need to know what are the benefits and limitations when you really start to use the technologies. The worst case scenario for you as a developer, architect or project manager will be to trust on a new cutting edge technology and in the middle of the project to realize that because of its constraints it can not fit your needs. It usually happens to careless and mindless people, who find out a solution after all with a lot of struggle, and eventually become MVPs in that technology 🙂

This concept is also the laying ground for DevReach also. I first though that it will be great if people really see how is the technology looking in real life implementation. It was something that was missing and definitely something that people are eager to learn about it. This year, for a third time in a row, DevReach will be even bigger and greater. Keeping the same quality of content and passionate speakers, we will also make sessions even more relative to people problems by increasing sessions level and attracting more speakers from the

Now we only have to see who will win the football game now (Croatia vs Turkey) 🙂