Last week it was the MVP Summit 2008 at Seattle. I had a chance to attend it also this year. Steve Ballmer and Ray Ozzie were answering questions during the keynote and we had a great three days with the VSTS product group. Many things to come in Rosario so make sure that you keep in touch what is coming out in the next releases.

Here are some fresh ones. April Rosario CTP is the longest expected one (more info below). Note the significant push in the architecture tools as also the new build system based on Windows Workflow and the improved historical debugger and test tools available in the previous CTP. There are some very useful video tutorials that you must checkout after downloading the release.

TFS Power Tools March 2008 is also released (more info below). There is a very cool tool called TFSServerManager for monitoring current status of the TFS server. Also the Process Template Editor is now working with custom controls.


April Rosario CTP now available!

Architecture Edition

  • Exploring the existing code structure
  • Designing process flow as activities
  • Designing user interactions with systems
  • Designing system functionality as components
  • Visualizing and designing types in systems
  • Visualizing and designing interaction sequences in systems

Development Edition

  • Simplify Code Analysis rule selection with rule sets
  • Find and fix a bug using the historical debugger
  • Identify the test impact of code changes
  • Find a bug on a separate machine using the standalone debugger

Database Edition

  • Building and using an off-line representation of your operational database as a “sandbox” development environment.
  • Using Data Generation to custom-build data for testing your database application.
  • Making and unit-testing schema and code changes in an off-line environment.
  • Performing static code analysis of your programmability objects.

Test Edition

  • Planning a testing effort
  • Executing manual test cases
  • Verify the fix
  • Automate a manual test and add validation.

Team Foundation Server

  • Managing an Agile schedule
  • Easier reporting from Excel
  • Managing features with the CMMI Process
  • A new Add Files to Source Control wizard and support for drag and drop from Windows Explorer to Source Control Explorer
  • An enhanced, non-modal conflict resolution experience, integrated into the pending changes tool window
  • A new history view that shows labels applied to a file as well as how changes were merged across branches
  • A new automated build system built on Windows Workflow Foundation, featuring dynamic build machine allocation from a machine pool and distributed build functionality
  • Rollback for a check in (currently only available at the command line)
  • Many Source Control Explorer usability enhancements


March 2008 TFS Power Tools now available

  • Process Template Editor support for custom work item controls
  • TFSServerManager client
  • TFS BPA support for Windows Server 2008
  • Work Item Template improvements Scriptable Team Project creation
  • Support for 64-bit Sharepoint farms
  • Unshelve to a different branch
  • Improvements to tfpt review
  • Delete global lists in the work item tracking system
  • Update bound Microsoft Office docs when the TFS server name changes
  • Performance improvements in tfpt online