This month UG meeting will be held on 7th of March, 19:00 at Elieff Center for Education and Culture, Studentski grad, Sofia, Hall 103. We have a special guest from INETA – Alex Thissen.

Alex is going to talk about WPF and LINQ in two different sessions.

Here are the abstracts:

Windows Presentation Foundation

In this talk the speaker will show some of the powerful features of WPF that clearly shows its potential as an application framework. The session will focus on styling, resources, templates and data-binding for WPF controls. Learn how styling for WPF brings CSS of the web to the world of Windows applications. You get to see that templates allow you to completely change the look of controls and how resources are used in WPF. And last, but not least, this session will cover the data-binding options, which offer much more control and possibilities to combine data and controls. The session shows all features in several demos and puts the pieces of this puzzle together by combining it all.


The .NET Framework 3.5 has support for language integrated querying and ships with providers for various data sources. In this talk we will take a close look at two of these: LINQ to query SQL Server databases and XML data. After a quick introduction to the basics we are going to dive right in and get a deeper understanding of how and where LINQ queries are executed. Finally, you get to see how LINQ can be used for real-life scenarios such as a WPF application. This session is going to be full of demos and offers room for lots of questions from the audience.

About the Speaker

Alex Thissen is .NET technology evangelist from INETA Europe Speakers Bureau. He works for Class-A, a company specialized in training and coaching on Microsoft technologies and tools. He is a .NET trainer and teaches and coaches developers to build better software. He teaches the .NET Platform and Framework to both developers and architects. He has been a trainer for many years now and also spent quite some time with COM+ and Visual Basic. Alex performs audits of .NET implementations and the development teams responsible for it. He has written a number of articles for various magazines, such as .NET Magazine, the Visual Basic Group and SDC Magazine. You can probably find Alex at conferences, seminars and other community events where he likes to share his experiences from training and coaching.

Thanks to Telerik and INETA for all the support!