There has not been much activity from me in the IASA field, but this does not mean that I have stopped following up with the ATC team. IASA is growing very strong and you can expect a lot more to come this year.

Now IASA is offering a free virtual conference. You can register on the web site below:

Wrap up:

Illities and Illiancies: Quality Attributes from Security to Resiliency

Quality attributes or cross-cutting technical concerns represent a key area for architectural focus and constraints. From security which is a massively important enterprise issue to resiliency and flexibility, IT architects are faced with quality attribute trade offs on a daily basis. For example, optimizing an application or set of applications for performance will often result in detrimental effects on flexibility. These tradeoffs are an important part of the architects job and if overlooked can cause tremendous downstream impacts to the value IT can generate.

In this virtual conference you will hear thought-leaders, such as Scott Ambler and Angela Yochem, discuss quality attribute issues based real world ramifications. Take a look at the agenda and register here today! As we said attendance is virtual (from your home or office) and free! So don’t miss this excellent education opportunity.