This Saturday we organized the first pilot CodeCamp in Bulgaria. Personally I think the event was superb. First it was the variety of the nature of presentation that were given. They were not required to follow any specific technology track and no one get bored because of that. The small group that we kept allowed us to have discussions on any question at any given time. In one of the sessions the speaker was interrupted to fix a using clause, which eventually led to 15min discussion on why developers have to use tools like Resharper and their prons and cons. We also gained a lot of experience in car repair services under -20°C as an added value 🙂

Next meeting is scheduled for May so keep an eye on my blog and the CodeCamp web site. You can also see pictures from this pilot event at the CodeCampBG FaceBook space. A registration of is pending. If you need support of setting up .bg domain, you can always contact me (for non BG readers – yes, it is f* hard to get a .bg domain).

Thanks to Deyan Varchev and Stefan Dobrev for organizing this event together.