Microsoft is releasing a new server for searching your documents called Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express. As the name implies this server will be delivered FREE to everyone.
Here are some of the features that I would like to highlight:

Search Center. Empower your people to quickly find the information they need through a familiar, web-style search interface and easy-to-use query syntax. Re-configure the layout of Search Center elements without writing any code.

Localized Interface. (No Bulgarian unfortunately)
Out-of-the-box Indexing Connectors. Index content on file servers, web sites, Windows SharePoint Services, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, Exchange Server public folders, and Lotus Notes repositories.

Search iFilters. Index a wide variety of documents and file types using an interface common across Windows Desktop Search, Windows Vista, SharePoint, and SQL Server.

Relevance Tuning. Retrieve the most relevant results across a diverse set of 3rd-party line-of-business systems and content repositories from a single search query. Use a ranking engine developed in collaboration with Microsoft Research and Windows Live Search.

Security-Trimmed Results. Ensure people only find information they should have access to by automatically trimming search results based on the identity of the user at query time. Access control lists (ACLs) for content on file shares, SharePoint sites, and Lotus Notes databases are automatically captured at index time.

Crawl Rules. Specify unique crawl inclusion / exclusion behaviors and authentication credentials for specific content sources

You can find the complete list here.

The current release is Release Candidate. Make sure you subscribe after download to can get notification when the final version is released.

Download Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express Release Candidate.