Steven Guggenheimer blogs about the new annoucement from Microsoft of the “Oslo” product line.

Biztalk is going to be the next version in Microsft servers that will allow us to host not only Biztalk adapters and Orchestration, but also Windows Workflow Foundation and and Windows Communication Foundation hosts.

Codename “Oslo” is the new product line from Microsoft that will enable many products to integrate with Biztalk and create SOA solutions in a completely new way.


Microsoft BizTalk Server 6 will continue to provide a core foundation for distributed and highly scalable SOA and BPM solutions, and deliver the capability to develop, manage and deploy composite applications.

Microsoft System Center 5, Visual Studio 10 and BizTalk Server 6 will utilize a repository technology for managing, versioning and deploying models.

Microsoft is not providing exact time frames for when technologies such as .Net Framework 4 and Visual Studio 10 will ship. But the .Net Framework 3.5 has yet to ship. “