Source code of parts of the .NET Framework will be released to the public for debugging purposes. ScottGu is giving much details in his blog.
The license does not allow to copy and recompile the framework. The release will include the Base Class Libraries (BCL), Windows Forms, ASP.NET, System.Data, and WPF. In future more libraries will be added.
The source code debugging will be only available for Visual Studio 2008 users, which will be eventually ready in about 2-3 months!

I must say that when I wrote my first program on .NET back in 2000 one of the very first things I did is to hit F11 and step into the method call. I was comming from C++/ATL/COM/MFC world and I could not even imagine that stepping into would not be possible for .NET. Congrats Microsoft for this cool feature! It was about a time 🙂

Thanks goes to Eileen for spreading the news!

This news is so hot that I couldn’t even write about how extremely well DevReach 2007 go. Just a few hits before I write my report – red tops, red tops and … red tops.