Service Release 1 (SR1) update for Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals is available for download today.

The following issues are corrected in SR1. These issues have been found through customer and partner feedback.• Cross-database references

Support is improved so that you can reference objects within different databases by using database project references or by referencing a database metafile (.dbmeta). This support reduces or eliminates the cross-database reference warnings within a database project.
• Improved file support within SQL Server file groups

You can define files within file groups as database project properties instead of having to create files and file groups within the pre-deployment storage script.
• Variables

A Variables page is added to the database properties. This new page enables you to define setvar variables for use in the deployment scripts.
Additionally, SR1 supports the latest service pack release from Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Currently, the latest service pack is Service Pack 2 (SP2). SR1 also supports the Windows Vista operating system.