I know that I haven’t written anything for a while but there were a lot of changes happening around and they just suck all of my free time.
As I will blog about anything that happened in May later, I first want to bring you the big news.

Dino Esposito will be our special guest on 04-05 July in Sofia. He will present inner workings of ASP.NET and AJAX frameworks in highly specialized, level 400, seminar called Wicked ASP.NET Programming.

I remember few years ago, when I was just learning ASP.NET framework, how much value brought Dino’s articles to my work. He is probably the most trustworthy guy when talking about ASP.NET and AJAX. I have read a lot of his articles in Cutting Edge column for MSDN Magazine, ASP.NET Development Center in MSDN and many others.
I had a chance to meet Dino in March at the spring edition of BASTA conference. Not only that he an expert on ASP.NET but I found him to be very open minded and eager to help the Bulgarian community. I virtually squeezed every possible free dates from his already occupied calendar to find these two days and visit us in Sofia.

I am very excited about the seminar agenda. It covers everything from IIS process model and page lifecycle in ASP.NET to server endpoints and client eventing model in AJAX.

If you plan to visit the seminar, you will have the chance to get a big discount on the latest book from Dino Esposito “Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions”.

This week is the chance to catch 20% early bird discount.
Hurry up! Space is limited.