The next meeting of Sofia.NET User Group will be help tomorrow (25th of April) at 18:30 at local Microsoft office presented by Rosen Zhivkov.
I am sorry for the late notification but I really forgot to blog about it.
The agenda is:

– Integration of data with SharePoint, MS SQL Server, web services
– Extensibility and scripting of InfoPath with .NET and VSTO
– Forms Server – using of InfoPath forms with browser only – no ActiveXs
– Integration of InfoPath forms in WinForms applications
– InfoPath and Forms Server as front-end to Biztalk (real-life proof of concept project)
– Using Forms Server for rendering InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2007 Workflow

Demos of bug tracking, time tracking applications and others will be shown in the presentation also.

See you there!

UPDATE: The meeting was held on 25th of April, not on 26th as I originally posted. Sorry for the misunderstanding.