Visual Studio “Orcas” March 2007 CTP is now out. It is a VPC which you can download and run right away.
This edition includes a lot of new features that you would love. Important thing to have in mind is this CTP updates almost all editions of Visual Studio Team System. There is something for everyone. Here are some items that I found interesting at first glance:

LINQ over XML (XLinq) – Event Model – This allows LINQ to XML trees to be efficiently synchronized with a GUI, e.g. a Windows Presentation Foundation application

Extended, more powerful data APIs with the ADO.NET Entity Framework

Parallel/Multi-Processor Builds

Performance tune an enterprise application – … users can save a baseline profile and then, if the performance degrades, compare up-to-date traces to identify the source of the regression

Web Test Validation Rule Improvements

Better Web Test Data Binding – This feature allows users to data bind .CSV and XML files, as well as databases to a web test, using a simple databinding wizard.

Team Foundation Server – Continuous Integration – There are many components to this, including build queuing and queue management, drop management (so that users can set policies for when builds should be automatically deleted), and build triggers that allows configuration of exactly how when CI builds should be triggered, for example – every checkin, rolling build (completion of one build starts the next), etc.

And much, much more…

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