I had a great time at the BASTA! conference in Mörfelden. This was the spring edition for BASTA! conference and there is also a September one. The German market is really huge and there are a lot of opportunities although the open source has significant presence.
The conference was about 3 days with 2 additional days for workshops and specialized tracks.
My session went pretty well and I learned a few things – when you present to non native English audience you have to schedule more time and talk slower. I am not a native English speaker, the Germans – also, so combined makes it a little bit hard to understand the presentation.
I did quite a good demo – I wish I had that already in my MSDN Webcast also.
I had the pleasure to meet Chad Z. Hower, Dino Esposito, Richard Hundhausen and many, many other nice guys.
Chad is very cool and entertaining guy with tons of speaking engagements on his back.
Whenever you have a chance – go to his sessions.
Great thanks to the BASTA team for the organization of the event!

btw: I am posting this from Chicago Airport. I will stuck here for about 8 hours 🙁