My laptop was overheating for a few weeks so I decided to open it and clean it up.
Few lessons that I learned:
You can access almost all parts just by opening the bottom panels, detaching the panel that holds the keyboard and removing the keyboard. There is no need to unscrew all bolts just to clean the processor fan.
The processor fan can get pretty choked. In my case, about 80% of the fan vent was jammed and no air could pass at all. There is no way to see that until you open the laptop.
Write where every bolt place is. Now I have one spare one 🙂
My sound does not work too, so I have to open it again to see what I forgot to plug in (I did forget the plug the keyboard in first place :)).
Surprisingly, the laptop booted normally at the first time, but because of the unplugged battery my clock was not synchronized. I got the idea the Windows Time service will help me to synchronize the time automatically. I started the service, opened Date and Time dialog, Internet Time and clicked on Update Now button. After few seconds waiting I got the error “An error occurred getting the status of the last synchronization. The RPC server is unavailable.”. I tried restarting the service, unregistering and registering again but with no success. After 15 minutes of trying different options, I decided to manually set the time. Just for the experiment, I thought to check the update process once more, after I already set the correct time. Volla! The update process worked as supposed. It seems to me that the time synchronization does not work when there is huge difference in time. In my case the default time set to the computer was 01/01/2003. I think that’s why Microsoft named this service “Windows Time”. It is supposed to update time only, and it does not update date :))).