Happy New Year my dear readers,
Thank you for reading my humble blog and I wish you all the best in 2007.

My promise for the next year is to keep you updated on almost all developer events that are happening in Bulgaria. There are a lot of places where you can find information about worldwide events, product releases and gossips so I will most probably not discuss them. Unless of course I have something really interesting to say.
I will keep posting problem solving techniques and various tips for diagnosing and resolving every day programming issues.
And I will continue pressing you to get involved in the up growing Bulgarian software development community.
There are many ways you can be involved.
Look for upcoming events of Bulgarian Association for Software Developers site, Sofia.NET User Group and IASA Bulgaria. Come to the next meeting that we organize and say that you what to be a member and what to help the community. We will be happy to have you. Do not miss the opportunities that are lying in front of you.

As part of my promise, I will now give you a great tip that I found by accident today.
If you know me in person, you will probably know that Fiddler is one of my favorite tools. And you will most probably know that I do not like the ASP.NET Development Server and usually teach all our students in the Academy how to setup and use IIS in their web projects. Today I found out that is extremely hard to use Fiddler and ASP.NET Development Server if you do not how.
The problem is that the ASP.NET Development Server accepts requests only when the address is using localhost or and Fiddler can intercepts requests only when they are not using localhost or but instead use the machine name for the request. This put us in really awkward situation until we find Hannes Preishuber’s post on how to configure Fiddler so that it changes every request automatically from machine name to localhost. However we still need to access the URL using server’s machine name. If you are a careful reader you will notice this awesome comment on his post which says that when you use “localhost.” (keep in mind the trailing dot) and the request will pass through Fiddler and then will go directly to ASP.NET Development Server. No change in Fiddler script is necessary. Beautiful!

Congratulations to all Bulgarians for joining the EU.
Let’s wish luck and courage to our innocent medics sentenced to death in Libya.