I am giving away one license for Visual Studio 2005 Standard Edition and one for SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition for the best article in Bulgarian published online. What you need to do? Just send me the link to the article and you will be included in the contest. At the middle of January, I will send all the links to the articles to the Bulgarian Association of Software Developers (BASD) leadership and they will decide which article will be rated as Best Software Development article for 2006.
The guy who sends me the link to the article that wins the contest will take the Visual Studio license. And the guy who sends me the greatest number of articles will take the SQL Server license.
I will publish the list in next post so you can check if the article is not sent already.
You do not have to be an author – the only requirements are that the article has to be written in Bulgarian (translated ones will work also), and to be related to software development. If you do not know where to publish your article, BASD is a good place to start or at least you can write me if you need help.

I will stop collecting articles about 15th of January, 2007, so please start preparing now.

Good luck