October has been very busy month for the Academy team. It is until now that I managed to catch up a little bit with my daily tasks so I decided to share with you what we’ve done.
DevReach is the first paid conference in Bulgaria that is focused on deep level technical content on Microsoft technologies. It is organized by the National Academy for Software Development (NASD). Unlike previous conferences in Bulgaria, the purpose of DevReach is not to promote new products from Microsoft. All sessions are targeted to the experienced developers and provide real world techniques how to work with the technology and what business value it brings to your company. The speakers at the conference are independent consultants and highly respected international speakers that community knows for a long time.
You can find all the slides and code on the Sessions page. The National Academy for Software Development decided to put all live recorded videos available online at no charge. Our intention is to show Bulgarian software community that the conference rocks and you should not miss it next year. In other words – see what you missed this year, dude. The videos will be available at no charge this year only as promotional material. Starting from next year, video materials will be provided only to registered attendees. Keep a look at the DevReach site, where the videos will be published in the next weeks.
We had a great feedback from the attendees. You can find some of comments on the Feedback page. There are many blog posts about DevReach and I have collected some of them here:

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The two great prizes should also be mentioned here. One Xbox 360 and free trip to Microsoft Research go to two lucky people that registered for the conference and stayed until its end. Too bad that I can not participate in the draw – this Microsoft Research prize is awesome (I am not a gamer, do not blame me :)).

Thanks to our sponsors Microsoft and Telerik. Telerik supported us in many ways since they are also located in Sofia, Bulgaria. Without both of them DevReach could not be possible.

Thanks to all for the constructive feedback and you can be sure that planning of DevReach 2007 has already started. Looking forward to see you again in Fall 2007.

Thanks to all the speakers for their great sessions, time and commitment. Let’s hope they would speak at DevReach again.

If you have any comments, questions or/and ideas, please use DevReach forum for discussions.

Below I have attached some photos from the conference (the rest are available after signing NDA :)). Hope you like them.

DevReach 2006 opening
DevReach 2006 opening

Svetlin Nakov (on the left), Director Education at NASD , showing up NASD lounge
Svetlin Nakov (on the left), Director Education at NASD , showing up NASD lounge

Svetlin Nakov (left), Stephen Forte (middle), Goksin Bakir (right)

DevReach speakers

Zarko (from Telerik) and Sahil Malik

Martin Kulov (me) presenting the conference

DevReach attendess

Teo Milev’s keynote, General Manager – Microsoft Bulgaria

It is me again – I just like this pic

Ms. Sasha Bezuhanova – co-chairman of Confederation of the Employers and Industrialists and Director of Hewlett Packard Bulgaria

Mr. Tosho Nedialkov – Deputy Chairman of State Agency for Information Technology and Communications

Mr. Boian Boichev – member of board of directors in Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies

Nikolay Rashev – representing Bulgarian Association of Software Companies

Svetlin Nakov and Sasha Bezuhanova discussing the importance of DevReach for Bulgaria


No, they are not going to shoot each other 🙂

Teo Milev, General Manager for Microsoft Bulgaria, and Iva Abadjieva, Director Business Development at National Academy for Software Development

Goksin Bakir speaking

Richard Campbell speaking

Cathi Gero and Ted Neward speaking

Stephen Forte speaking

Q&A session recorded on .NET Rocks

The VIP coctail

Birthday cake for 1st year of National Academy for Software Development

Genja, Goksin and me

Lots of fun and dancing Bulgarian music during the dinner

Goksin Bakir just tried the rakia drink

Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell already tried the rakia 🙂

The second day – Julie Lerman speaking

Coffee break

Sahil Malik speaking

Hristo Deshev speaking

Vladi Tchalkov speaking

Martin Kulov, me again, speaking

Carl Franklin, really good singer and guitar player

The happy winner of XBox 360

Some leasure time at Rila mountain

The beauty of Rila mountain

Sahil and Angus looking amazed of Rila monastery

Carl and Richard walking in Rila monastery

Stephen and Julie staring at Rila monastery

Rila monastery