Finally, after months of planning and preparation we are ready to announce that DevReach, the premier conference for Microsoft technologies in Bulgaria, is live and is accepting registrations. Can you imagine that I first got the idea of organizing high value, internationally recognized technical conference in January 2006? So many months we have been struggling into getting only world known experts come to Bulgaria and share their passion for Microsoft Technologies. So many months we did not know if we are going to get the sponsorship that would secure the conference and would make possible offering extremely competitive prices for attendees. Now DevReach has about 25 sessions and 12 speakers at a price that is about 10 to 20 times smaller than similar event everywhere in Europe. It is awesome! We are finally going to get it right – without marketing hype, connecting developers from all Europe, providing world recognized speakers and unbeatable content. It would rock! It is the first time in Bulgaria and even the Balkans that a conference of such kind is delivered. And we will have the incredible chance to meet all the speakers here and learn from their experience.
Did I say that DotNetRocks will also deliver a show from the conference.

Big thanks go to William Tay and Stephen Forte, who embraced the idea from the start, to Microsoft Regional Director and MVP Program, INETA and of course to our great sponsors – Telerik and Microsoft.
Our mission – deliver DevReach on annual basis. And hopefully, create bigger and stronger .NET community, not only in Bulgaria but also in whole region.
The conference is being prepared and delivered to you from the National Academy for Software Development in Bulgaria.

I feel great 🙂