Microsoft acquired Winternals!
Whoa, this news really caught my eye on it. I use Winternals tool for years and now they have a chance to be integrated in future Windows OS releases. This will indeed make Windows a better OS to work with. And I hope we can see their Recovery Manager integrated in Windows also.
No to mention the talent and the know-how they will bring to Microsoft.
Quotes from Winternals acquisition FAQ:

Q. Why is Microsoft acquiring Winternals and Sysinternals?
A. This acquisition brings to Microsoft a significant talent infusion and technologies valued by customers. Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell, two highly regarded OS kernel experts, join Microsoft in technical leadership roles. Mark will be joining the Platforms and Services Division (PSD) in the role of Technical Fellow, and Bryce Cogswell will be joining the Core Operating Systems Division in the role of Software Architect.

Q. What exactly is a Technical Fellow?
A. The title of Technical Fellow is awarded to someone whose technical vision, expertise, and world-class leadership is widely recognized. These individuals are instrumental in developing and driving technical strategies for the customer, the company, and the industry.

Q. How many Technical Fellows are there at Microsoft?
A. Microsoft currently has fourteen (14) Technical Fellows.