Today I decided to take a look at my MCP Transcript and see what betas I have taken. For my surprise it seems that taking those exams, got me MCPD and MCTS status :).
Additionally I passed the first upgrade exam for MCSDs (#553) and that also may have reflected. It is so hard to follow up these certification tracks.
Now I feel a little bit confused what certification titles should I include in my presentations. Image when I show up in front of you and say – “Hi guys, my name is Martin Kulov and I am currently MCSD, MCSD.NET , MCTS: Web, Windows, MCPD:Windows, MCT”. And this not the full list though. I wish that Microsoft take more time to think about all these abbreviations and provide meaningful names with goo organized hierarchy for all of the titles. Now there are several versions of MCTS, MCPD and MCSD, which I find confusing.
May be I will stick to MCSD and MCPD to make the list just a little bit shorter.