Microsoft announced the release of Visual Studio Team System – Team Edition for Database Professionals:

Take Control of Database Change
Take control of your database schema by creating a baseline version of the database with an off-line source controlled project.
Streamline changes to your database with tools that allow you automatically cascade changes throughout the database schema in a controlled and consistent manner.
Reduce the risk involved with changing database schema by comparing the source controlled version against test and production systems and automating the creation of change scripts.

Automate Database Testing to Improve Quality
Create full unit tests for your database schema that can be run independently or in combination with Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite to provide a comprehensive set of tests for the application and database tiers.
Author tests in either T-SQL or managed code with extensible unit test functionality and a new test editor.

Improve Collaboration and Communication
Establish the Database Professional as an integral part of the project team with a unique Visual Studio role-based experience and full access to the benefits of Team Foundation Server.
Improve collaboration between the Database Professional and other members of the development team through use of the shared team portal, integrated change management and a common version control and data repository.
Communicate important changes to the database to the rest of the team through work-item updates and event-based notifications.