A great year has passed. A lot of good things have happened and I am sure a ton of also are coming next year. Most important events for me in year 2005 were:

• The National Academy of Software Development became a real working company. We had great time consulting and training developers of our clients. We organized a public seminar for mobile development and gathered more the 50 developers from major Bulgarian software companies.
• MS Days 2005 – for the first time I was a speaker on such great event with about 1,000 attendees.
• I got Microsoft Certified Trainer – a certification that was in my plans for several years.
The first book for .NET development has been released. I have just finished my part for the second volume of the book and we can expect it to be released I a couple of months.
• probably many other things I could not remember right now 🙂

I have made a list for the things I will focus on in the next year, but I will not share it for now. Just one word – Indigo.

I am sure that year 2006 will bring us many challenges and I wish to all of you to overcome them and pursue your happiness in every single thing you do.
Wish you luck and more smiles in 2006.