Next week is the launch of Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005. It is pretty tense these days because a lot of demonstrations should be prepared along with the appropriate demos. My next three weeks calendar is full of training events and hopefully a lot of fun meeting all these people.
If you are desperately looking to see me I will be primary at local universities around the country and a major time I will also sent working with Microsoft Bulgaria, but I do not have a direct line there, yet 🙂
Almost to forgot. Please forgive me as I said it is pretty tense these days. This week we started training for our first group at National Academy of Software Development. The group consists of 7 people and almost all of them already have signed contracts with Bulgarian software companies to start work with, after they complete the three months course. The major goal for the Academy is to give a chance for smart guys that did not have a chance to get into the software industry, to learn and make a huge progress in their career. Also the course is even appropriate for professionals with knowledge on obsolete technologies that need to upgrade and thus be more competitive on the market.