Every once in a while a blogger gets buried in everyday tasks, emails, product releases and so on. He then stops writing in his precious blog for a while. After the pressure goes away he starts to blog again with delightful pleasure and satisfaction.
Well, that’s my case. If you are wondering what happed to my blog I can assure you that is not dead. It is just the fact that I am pretty overwhelmed with tasks. I am in a process of finishing a six month project, luckily for me it is pretty successful, and finishing another one for about a month, that is still in progress.
In parallel, together with Bulgarian Association of Software Developers, we have started National Academy for Software Development. The primary goal for the academy is to provide training of inexperienced, but highly motivated and well educated students. The training is going to be 3 months, 5 day a week, 8 hours a day with a lot of practical exercises starting from September. There are two tracks for now – .NET Enterprise Developer and Java Enterprise Developer. Go to academy’s site for more information (English version will be available soon).
Another non development project that I am in is writing for the first .NET book written by Bulgarians. I am writing the chapter for Interoperability with unmanaged code and if time allow – Web Services. The book is scheduled to be released about September too. It is going to have marvelous chapters because the people that are involved have real life experience with .NET and their knowledge is priceless.
I hope that after completing one or another project I will have more time to contribute to this blog. So stay tuned :).