I never thought that there will be a day when I will start blogging. But here it is. My first post :).

My name is Martin Kulov. I am a Microsoft zealot for about 7 years. Never touched any *nix or non MS technologies and I am pretty happy about it.

I live and work in Bulgaria, a very beautiful and odd country, located in East Europe near Black Sea.

I have worked in a number of Bulgarian companies when until recently I have decided to start CodeAttest.

Generally I will be blogging about everything that I have found interesting. More accents will be placed on debugging, testing and software quality. You won’t miss some Don’ts with real life examples :). Additionally I will focus on Web Service Enhancements and the upcoming Indigo system. I hope I can finally set up VS Team System and will give you an update also.

Some of the posts may be in Bulgarian, but I think they will be pretty rare ones.

I will stop now since as a fist post I do not want to torture you too much.